Old City Vision2026

Visionary, yet achievable in incremental steps.
— Staff, Philadelphia City Planning Commission

After decades of decline, Philadelphia is growing again, led by Greater Center City. There, the challenge is now about shaping the outcomes associated with growth. Vision2026 is a framework document created for the Old City District with Urban Partners and Atkin Olshin Schade Architects, designed to understand market forces, advance public aspirations, and inform future decision-making.  Based on community’s stated preference for more residents, workers, and visitors without undermining quality of life and business, Vision2026 recommends that the District and its partners maintain the human scale building tradition of the neighborhood, encourage car-free travel as the first choice of most, and foster civic life through great public space.

Since being adopted by the board of directors in December 2015, the district has begun following through on the plan, including: 

As a senior planner at NV5, JVM Studio's Jonas Maciunas managed the overall project, facilitated civic engagement, and served as the plan’s lead author. He also authored the two subsequent projects, above. Old City District has continued to engage JVM Studio to advance these initiatives.